Summoners and Djinni
Myths Of Albion

Djinni and Summoners

The latest miniatures to join the Arabiscnihte faction come in the form of a djinni and two summoners. These figures were sculpted very much in the vein of the Arabian Nights stories and will hopefully be usable together as a small vinette or separately as eastern wizards and a summoned spirit when used for gaming.… Continue reading Djinni and Summoners

Merrie Men IV
Robin Hood

Allan a’Dale and a few more Merries

There has been a bit of a gap in our gang of Merrie Men in the shape of Allan a'Dale; the wandering minstrel that joined Robin's band in several of the stories. So, we decided to add him to the illustrious list of Wolfsheads to fight the good fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham and… Continue reading Allan a’Dale and a few more Merries

Bandits with Crossbows
Robin Hood

Bandits and Brigands II

Outlaws were prevalent in Medieval society; so many times, the punishment for crimes committed was outlawry. Often this would be for a limited time, like a year, but it could also be for a lot longer. If the outlaw could survive on his/her own (family, friends and others were warned off from aiding an outlaw… Continue reading Bandits and Brigands II

Wealdgeist Entwife
Myths Of Albion

Another Tree Herder

Last week saw the release of the third of our Wealdgeist ents, or tree-herders (treow-hirde). This time, we have a silver birch based being (painted in autumnal colours). The other two previous models are very male looking, so it was decided to make this one more feminine. The two previous miniatures proved to be quite… Continue reading Another Tree Herder