Pack of Wolves (white metal)
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Pack of Wolves

The previous post saw the last of the Robin Hood range released to date featured, which means the Historical and Robin Hood ranges are completed so far, but we do still have a few sets in each that are on the release schedule for later this year.

This allows us to now move onto featuring a smaller, but steadily growing, range – Animals and Livestock. This is a range we will dip into on occasion if we feel that there is a gap in our current product portfolio. We started by releasing the various Medieval Warhorses separately from their riders but then managed to secure the services of another fantastic sculptor, Jo Brumby.

The first set he sculpted for us was a pack of wolves. Medieval Britain had all sorts of dangerous animals roaming wild that we no longer encounter on a trip to the woods in these modern times. These fit in nicely with the Robin Hood range as great wilderness encounters for scenario building but can also just as easily be used in fantasy games.

Pack of Wolves (white metal)
Pack of Wolves (white metal)
Product Name: Pack of Wolves
Product Code: CGAL103
Sculptor: Jo Brumby
Medium: White Metal
Release Date: 2016

In the blister there are five miniatures; a pack leader (alpha male) and four other wolves. As these fit in nicely with our Robin Hood and Fantasy ranges, they come supplied with plastic bases rather than being sculpted on their on “puddle” bases.

We have found that gamers and diorama makers tend to prefer different types of basing depending on what they are intending to do with the miniatures. Puddle bases make for good adhesion points to mass combat sabots, and so can stand up to lots of wear and tear that playing games can produce. Tabbed miniatures can either be stuck into slotted bases for individually based character models or have the tabs removed and be stuck to multi-figure bases but in much closer formation than with puddle bases. They also look really good on clear acrylic bases for dungeon exploration.

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