Sleuth of Bears (white metal)
Wilderness Encounters Products

Sleuth of Bears

Another apex predator from medieval times was the bear. We had three new bear miniatures sculpted to fill this gap. We made them at the upper size limit of a modern brown bear, so they can double up as either very large brown bears or as cave bears if prehistoric or fantasy gaming is more your thing.

Sleuth of Bears (white metal)
Sleuth of Bears (white metal)
Product Name: Sleuth of Bears
Product Code: CGAL104
Sculptor: Jo Brumby
Medium: White Metal
Release Date: 2017

We decided to sell these either as individuals or as a set of three. These are very hefty white metal casts and as such will make for imposing encounters on the gaming table or diorama.

Jo came up trumps again with a fine set of wilderness creatures to add to the pack of wolves. These would work well for Robin Hood encounters if you wish to take a break from the usual Normans versus Robin games. Perhaps an encounter between a squad of Norman soldiers and a trio of large bears would make for an exciting, and different tabletop scenario?

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