Giant Elk (white metal)
Wilderness Encounters Products

Giant Elk

This large beastie has seen two incarnations; a separate blister with just the giant stag and as part of one of the Norman Hunting Parties. Like the bears before them we made this miniature so that it could be used as either a very large elk for medieval gaming or as a small Megaloceros for fantasy/prehistoric games.

Due to the expanse of the antlers, the elk had to be made in three pieces, so requires a little assembly before painting and use on the gaming table.

Giant Elk (white metal)
Giant Elk (white metal)
Product Name: Giant Elk
Product Code: CGAL105
Sculptor: Jo Brumby
Medium: White Metal
Release Date: 2018

There will be more to come in this range in the future, but for now we will concentrate more on the Robin Hood, Medieval and Myths of Albion ranges. It is likely we will expand this range into the fantastic realms and produce some medium sized beasts that will be at home fighting against medieval knights or goat-kin.

On the subject of fantasy, next up on the blog will be the first release for our the Myths of Albion range.

Next blog post : Hill Giant Heroes


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