Gog : Hill Giant Champion (white metal)
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Hill Giant Heroes

This new range is a radical change of direction for Conquest Games but it has been welcomed by many of our customers. It has been a long-held dream of mine to create a range of miniatures based on my own imaginings of how a mythical British Isles, prior to the deluge, would be inhabited; denizens of the great old forest, the burial mounds, the wastelands and all other geographical locations, as well as those that inhabit the night will be featured.

Our first set was a pair of hill giant champions, Gog and Magog. These were named after the mythical defenders of ancient Londinium but with a dash of high fantasy thrown in. Albion’s hill giants measure in at around 10-11′ tall (56mm ish) but these fellas are heroic hill giants so we made them slightly larger than their brethren will be when released (a couple more hill giants are coming very soon). They are also a little more buff and better looking (not that difficult really) than a normal hill giant, but their manners are still the same. I see these beasts inhabiting the wastelands of mythical Albion; a place wrought with danger at every turn. Any would be travellers enter their realms at great risk – many never return.

Gog : Hill Giant Champion (white metal)
Gog : Hill Giant Champion (white metal)
Magog : Hill Giant Champion (white metal)
Magog : Hill Giant Champion (white metal)
Product Name: Gog and Magog: Hill Giant Heroes
Product Code: CGMA101
Sculptor: Andrew May
Medium: White Metal
Release Date: 2016

These miniatures were the first we had sculpted by another of our new contract sculptors, Andrew May. Due to their size and the way they hold their weapons, these giants are both multi-part figures, but go together very easily with a blob of superglue.

As mentioned above, we will be adding to the hill giants (4 more to come at least) but we will also be creating Stone, Fire, Frost, Forest and Marsh giants as denizens of the diverse places within Albion that are haunted by such creatures. Most will be armed with stone, bone and wooden weapons to match the Stone Age vibe I am trying to create, but humans, being that much more clever and tricksy, are able to work in bronze and iron much to the detriment of the denizens of faerie that still inhabit Albion.

This period marks a major turming point in the history of Albion. Humans are busy hunting down and destroying the abodes of the denizens of Albion, but a much more daunting future awaits; the great deluge is just around the corner.

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