Pumpkin King (white metal)
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Samhain Constructs

Samhain, an ancient festival, pre-dating but now associated with the Celts of north-western europe, that marked the beginning of winter, was also the Celtic name for the Lord of Darkness. As Samhain, now known by the name Hallowe’en, is known for ghostly goings-on then what better than some scary, animated scarecrows to bring terror to the local villagers and townsfolk of ancient Albion?

As these are inanimate man-made critters brought to life by the Pumpkin King they would have observed how men dealt with their enemies. Some would pick up everyday farming implements to bring death and destruction to their chosen enemies; the living.

Pumpkin King (white metal)
Pumpkin King (white metal)
Samhain Constructs (white metal)
Samhain Constructs (white metal)
Product Name: Samhain Constructs
Product Code: CGMA102
Sculptor: Andrew May
Medium: White Metal
Release Date: 2016

The blister contains four scarecrows; the Pumpkin King and three ‘ordinary’ scarecrows that have been animated by his mystical machinations. One of them carries a metal scythe – years of hanging around on posts observing what scythes can do to wheat has given them some ideas about what it may do to the living.

These were a bit of fun to create. They are constructs rather than actual living monsters, but magic and the unbelievable have their place in ancient Albion. The next set goes back to actual specific encounters from Albion – the Wild Hunt.

Next blog post : Wild Hunt


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