Herne (white metal)
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Wild Hunt

Herne the Hunter, leader of the Wild Hunt, spiritual guide of those who have died in battle and manifestation of Woden, has been linked to the Celtic God Cernunnos. A recent addition to British mythology (courtesy of Shakespeare) his traditions do, however, go back to palaeolithic times.

This manifestation of Herne is accompanied by three barghests, or black dogs. As he hunts across the great forests of Albion blowing his horn, any who hear it are enticed into the hunt and are chased to their doom by the host, trapped in a kind of limbo, running from what cannot be defeated until they die from exhaustion and are in turn absorbed into the hunt.

Herne (white metal)
Herne (white metal)
Barghests (white metal)
Barghests (white metal)
Product Name: Wild Hunt
Product Code: CGMA103
Sculptor: Andrew May
Medium: White Metal
Release Date: 2016

In this set Herne is a wierd combination of bones and flesh, not quite man and not quite god. His frightening appearance is more than matched by his three companion hell-hounds who accompany him across the dales in search of more victims.

Many of our current and future miniatures could be found accompanying the Wild Hunt, so this is a very versatile set; partially undead in nature, partially god-like but wholly frightening. Herne and his barghests could be used in a variety of fantasy genres and also used in games of a semi-historical nature. We also have a shaman-like miniature in our Robin Hood range that could be used as Herne’s earthly avatar when not involved with the Hunt.

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