MAA with Swords (white metal)
Robin Hood Products

Norman Men-at-Arms

Robin and his merrie men needed some enemies to fight, and who better than some minions in the shape of the Sheriff of Nottingham's men-at-arms? We produced four sets of men-at-arms carrying an assortment of weaponry to protect the sheriff's treasures. What is in the first blister: 3 sword armed Norman men-at-arms 3 small heater… Continue reading Norman Men-at-Arms

Medieval Warhorses 1 (white metal)
Historical Products

Medieval Warhorses

One set of items that keeps being requested both at shows and on the webstore are mounts for spare knight bodies. Customers often buy our horse models to mount their spare riders from other manufacturers or to replace broken horses from accidental damage. We quickly worked out that if the plastic horses were popular, the… Continue reading Medieval Warhorses