Breton Skirmishers (white metal)
Historical Products

Breton Warlord and Skirmishers

We have been neglecting our historical ranges of late, so these two new sets go some way to putting that right. The Normans enlisted the help of many of their close neighbours as allies when they went on campaign. These miniatures represent some skirmishers and a warlord from Brittany. First up are the Breton skirmishers.… Continue reading Breton Warlord and Skirmishers

Medieval Knights Sprue (plastic)
Historical Products

Medieval Knight Sprues

For some unknown reason these took a long time to get onto the web store. As with all of our other plastic miniatures box sets we try to release each of the sprues separately so that smaller numbers than whole boxes of miniatures can be purchased. This time we have released the two frames supplied… Continue reading Medieval Knight Sprues

Bandits with bows
Robin Hood Products

Bandits and Brigands

Not all outlaws joined Robin and his Merrie Men. The majority were murderers, thieves and other ne'er-do-wells who banded together to rob and make themselves rich at others' expense; unlike Robin's cohorts who were usually the dispossessed and innocent victims of the Sheriff's grasping hands. These two sets of bandits can be used to represent… Continue reading Bandits and Brigands

Wealdgeist Woodland Spirits (white metal)
Fantasy Products, Myths of Albion Products

Wealdgeist – Woodland Spirits

Boggarts, spriggans and imps; more fey spirits tasked with protecting the great unspoiled forests of ancient Albion. Not all of the weald's protectors are large, and these little critters will answer the Green Man's call just as readily as the dryads, sprites, elves and ents. These woodland spirits will use their gifts of mischief and… Continue reading Wealdgeist – Woodland Spirits

Nightmare (white metal)
Fantasy Products, Myths of Albion Products

Gods and Monsters I

Not every personality or monster belongs to a particular faction within Albion; there are many that are a law unto themselves. These powerful beings often wander Albion alone either in search of the way in which all can live in harmony, or trying to discover ways of causing more havoc. These first few releases in… Continue reading Gods and Monsters I