Nightmare (white metal)
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Gods and Monsters I

Not every personality or monster belongs to a particular faction within Albion; there are many that are a law unto themselves. These powerful beings often wander Albion alone either in search of the way in which all can live in harmony, or trying to discover ways of causing more havoc. These first few releases in… Continue reading Gods and Monsters I

Fenodyree Group
Fantasy Products, Myths of Albion Products

Fenodyree I

This set sees us starting to fill out our second major faction - the Westengest; denizens of the wastelands of Albion. We already have a couple of Hill Giant heroes; Gog and Magog, and plenty more giants etc. on the way. This faction covers the least habited areas of Albion; the hills, moors, desolate uplands… Continue reading Fenodyree I

Wealdgeist Army (white metal)
Fantasy Products, Myths of Albion Products

Wealdgeist I

When the great expanses of forest within Albion are threatened, the Green Man calls forth his legions to defend the trees. First to answer his call are the hard-hitting Ents and their smaller brethren (although still bigger than your average human) the elves. These beings are literally of the forest; vines, logs, branches and roots… Continue reading Wealdgeist I

Herne (white metal)
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Wild Hunt

Herne the Hunter, leader of the Wild Hunt, spiritual guide of those who have died in battle and manifestation of Woden, has been linked to the Celtic God Cernunnos. A recent addition to British mythology (courtesy of Shakespeare) his traditions do, however, go back to palaeolithic times. This manifestation of Herne is accompanied by three… Continue reading Wild Hunt

Pumpkin King (white metal)
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Samhain Constructs

Samhain, an ancient festival, pre-dating but now associated with the Celts of north-western europe, that marked the beginning of winter, was also the Celtic name for the Lord of Darkness. As Samhain, now known by the name Hallowe'en, is known for ghostly goings-on then what better than some scary, animated scarecrows to bring terror to… Continue reading Samhain Constructs

Gog : Hill Giant Champion (white metal)
Fantasy Products, Myths of Albion Products

Hill Giant Heroes

This new range is a radical change of direction for Conquest Games but it has been welcomed by many of our customers. It has been a long-held dream of mine to create a range of miniatures based on my own imaginings of how a mythical British Isles, prior to the deluge, would be inhabited; denizens… Continue reading Hill Giant Heroes