Giant Elk (white metal)
Wilderness Encounters Products

Giant Elk

This large beastie has seen two incarnations; a separate blister with just the giant stag and as part of one of the Norman Hunting Parties. Like the bears before them we made this miniature so that it could be used as either a very large elk for medieval gaming or as a small Megaloceros for… Continue reading Giant Elk

Sleuth of Bears (white metal)
Wilderness Encounters Products

Sleuth of Bears

Another apex predator from medieval times was the bear. We had three new bear miniatures sculpted to fill this gap. We made them at the upper size limit of a modern brown bear, so they can double up as either very large brown bears or as cave bears if prehistoric or fantasy gaming is more… Continue reading Sleuth of Bears

Stag Hunt (white metal)
Robin Hood Products

Norman Hunting Parties

These sets were created to be something a little different. Most wargames miniatures are combat oriented but many customers ask for non-combatant style miniatures that they can use for dioramas, game objectives or just plain wargames table decoration. Our monks and nuns proved very popular, but we wanted something a little less austere, so we… Continue reading Norman Hunting Parties

Medieval Warhorses 1 (white metal)
Historical Products

Medieval Warhorses

One set of items that keeps being requested both at shows and on the webstore are mounts for spare knight bodies. Customers often buy our horse models to mount their spare riders from other manufacturers or to replace broken horses from accidental damage. We quickly worked out that if the plastic horses were popular, the… Continue reading Medieval Warhorses