Palfrey 1
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Medieval Warhorses II

A bit late with this post, but here goes... This month saw the release of four new mounts for your knights and men-at-arms. They were previously used to mount a variety of our Robin Hood miniatures; in order of the pictures below, these are the Saracen Mercenary, Norman Captain, Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the… Continue reading Medieval Warhorses II

Breton Skirmishers (white metal)
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Breton Warlord and Skirmishers

We have been neglecting our historical ranges of late, so these two new sets go some way to putting that right. The Normans enlisted the help of many of their close neighbours as allies when they went on campaign. These miniatures represent some skirmishers and a warlord from Brittany. First up are the Breton skirmishers.… Continue reading Breton Warlord and Skirmishers

Medieval Warhorses 1 (white metal)
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Medieval Warhorses

One set of items that keeps being requested both at shows and on the webstore are mounts for spare knight bodies. Customers often buy our horse models to mount their spare riders from other manufacturers or to replace broken horses from accidental damage. We quickly worked out that if the plastic horses were popular, the… Continue reading Medieval Warhorses