Wealdgeist Ent II
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Wealdgeist II

The Wealdgeist faction has proven something of a popular one for us so far - who doesn't want an army of forest beings summoned to instill justice upon those who would trespass upon their realm? After seeing the first sculpts of this army I was led to the conclusion that more of each type of… Continue reading Wealdgeist II

Stone Giant
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Giants and Ogres

The big guns of Albion come out to play today. The next releases in our Myths of Albion range were a batch of giants and an ogre. Again, these are our interpretation of what these beings would have looked like back in the days before the great flood. First up are a couple of hill… Continue reading Giants and Ogres

Wealdgeist Woodland Spirits (white metal)
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Wealdgeist – Woodland Spirits

Boggarts, spriggans and imps; more fey spirits tasked with protecting the great unspoiled forests of ancient Albion. Not all of the weald's protectors are large, and these little critters will answer the Green Man's call just as readily as the dryads, sprites, elves and ents. These woodland spirits will use their gifts of mischief and… Continue reading Wealdgeist – Woodland Spirits

Nightmare (white metal)
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Gods and Monsters I

Not every personality or monster belongs to a particular faction within Albion; there are many that are a law unto themselves. These powerful beings often wander Albion alone either in search of the way in which all can live in harmony, or trying to discover ways of causing more havoc. These first few releases in… Continue reading Gods and Monsters I

Fenodyree Group
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Fenodyree I

This set sees us starting to fill out our second major faction - the Westengest; denizens of the wastelands of Albion. We already have a couple of Hill Giant heroes; Gog and Magog, and plenty more giants etc. on the way. This faction covers the least habited areas of Albion; the hills, moors, desolate uplands… Continue reading Fenodyree I

Wealdgeist Army (white metal)
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Wealdgeist I

When the great expanses of forest within Albion are threatened, the Green Man calls forth his legions to defend the trees. First to answer his call are the hard-hitting Ents and their smaller brethren (although still bigger than your average human) the elves. These beings are literally of the forest; vines, logs, branches and roots… Continue reading Wealdgeist I