Stag Hunt (white metal)
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Norman Hunting Parties

These sets were created to be something a little different. Most wargames miniatures are combat oriented but many customers ask for non-combatant style miniatures that they can use for dioramas, game objectives or just plain wargames table decoration. Our monks and nuns proved very popular, but we wanted something a little less austere, so we… Continue reading Norman Hunting Parties

Baron's Entourage (white metal)
Robin Hood Products

Evil Baron and Entourage

Robin's enemies were not always the Sheriff and his minions, he also waylaid other travellers who passed through Sherwood Forest. If the traveller was rich he would be fair game to pay a toll; commoners would be free to pass by as they were not part of the despised feudal order. A rich baron on… Continue reading Evil Baron and Entourage

Norman Personalities (white metal)
Robin Hood Products

Norman Personalities

Carrying on with the theme of Norman character miniatures, we produced a set of non-combat personalities. We decided to go for the upper echelons of "Norman" society starting right at the top with King John (second from left), the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisbourne in their finery, and finally a greedy, lustful… Continue reading Norman Personalities