Saracen Mercenary (white metal)
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Saracen Mercenary

Many knights and nobles journeyed to the Holy Land as pilgrims. Some brought back fine spices and other wares, some brought back previously unknown customs, and yet others brought back warriors of distant origin. These warriors fought in different ways to the European knight, looked exotic (and sometimes scary), and were therefore handy henchmen for… Continue reading Saracen Mercenary

MAA Mounted Command (metal riders on plastic and metal horses)
Robin Hood Products

Norman Command Set

Whilst the Sheriff and Sir Guy are off chasing Robin Hood through field and vale, more competent leaders are required to keep the rest of the men-at-arms in check. Step, or trot, forward some Norman Commanders. We decided to sculpt a set of commanders both on foot and mounted, as few figures are usually offered… Continue reading Norman Command Set

MAA with Swords (white metal)
Robin Hood Products

Norman Men-at-Arms

Robin and his merrie men needed some enemies to fight, and who better than some minions in the shape of the Sheriff of Nottingham's men-at-arms? We produced four sets of men-at-arms carrying an assortment of weaponry to protect the sheriff's treasures. What is in the first blister: 3 sword armed Norman men-at-arms 3 small heater… Continue reading Norman Men-at-Arms