Saracen Mercenary (white metal)
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Saracen Mercenary

Many knights and nobles journeyed to the Holy Land as pilgrims. Some brought back fine spices and other wares, some brought back previously unknown customs, and yet others brought back warriors of distant origin. These warriors fought in different ways to the European knight, looked exotic (and sometimes scary), and were therefore handy henchmen for… Continue reading Saracen Mercenary

Outlaw Captains (white metal)
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Outlaw Captains

To make things a bit fairer for the merrie men, our next set to be released was a trio of outlaw leaders. Enter, Tom, Dickon, Harriet. Not all of the Greenwood outlaws were poorly armed as some freemen,¬†who brought with them better quality weaponry, were also included in the mix. This triumvirate show off their… Continue reading Outlaw Captains