25mm bases (plastic)
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25mm Slotta Bases

Just a quick update for today as we can now offer packs of 10 slotta bases for mounting your various 28mm human sized figures on. These are ideal for any of our Robin Hood range and many of our Myths of Albion figures for a uniform look to your basing. These bases are now available… Continue reading 25mm Slotta Bases

Medieval Knights Sprue (plastic)
Historical Products

Medieval Knight Sprues

For some unknown reason these took a long time to get onto the web store. As with all of our other plastic miniatures box sets we try to release each of the sprues separately so that smaller numbers than whole boxes of miniatures can be purchased. This time we have released the two frames supplied… Continue reading Medieval Knight Sprues

Medieval Warhorses 1 (white metal)
Historical Products

Medieval Warhorses

One set of items that keeps being requested both at shows and on the webstore are mounts for spare knight bodies. Customers often buy our horse models to mount their spare riders from other manufacturers or to replace broken horses from accidental damage. We quickly worked out that if the plastic horses were popular, the… Continue reading Medieval Warhorses