Palfrey 1
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Medieval Warhorses II

A bit late with this post, but here goes... This month saw the release of four new mounts for your knights and men-at-arms. They were previously used to mount a variety of our Robin Hood miniatures; in order of the pictures below, these are the Saracen Mercenary, Norman Captain, Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the… Continue reading Medieval Warhorses II

Empress Matilda
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Stephen & Matilda

March also sees the release of a couple of our historical personalities. They will be featured in our Historical and Robin Hood ranges. These miniatures are slotta based in keeping with our Robin Hood and fantasy ranges to allow them to be used for a variety of functions. We wanted to produce some figures that… Continue reading Stephen & Matilda

Shield Set - Sheriff
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Shield & Decal Sets

Although we have had these products in our catalogue for a long time we decided that it would be a good idea to actually sell them separately. Many gamers wish to standardise the look of their men-at-arms, and what better way than through shields that are available alongside sets of decals? These sets will be… Continue reading Shield & Decal Sets

Shield Set 1
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Shields for Men-at-Arms

The shields that come with the various men-at-arms sets in our Robin Hood : Wolfshead range have just been put up onto the webstore. It is often difficult to find shields that are sold separately so that an entire unit can be armed and armoured in the same way, even if the miniatures come from… Continue reading Shields for Men-at-Arms

25mm bases (plastic)
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25mm Slotta Bases

Just a quick update for today as we can now offer packs of 10 slotta bases for mounting your various 28mm human sized figures on. These are ideal for any of our Robin Hood range and many of our Myths of Albion figures for a uniform look to your basing. These bases are now available… Continue reading 25mm Slotta Bases