Shield Set - Sheriff
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Shield & Decal Sets

Although we have had these products in our catalogue for a long time we decided that it would be a good idea to actually sell them separately. Many gamers wish to standardise the look of their men-at-arms, and what better way than through shields that are available alongside sets of decals? These sets will be… Continue reading Shield & Decal Sets

Shield Set 1
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Shields for Men-at-Arms

The shields that come with the various men-at-arms sets in our Robin Hood : Wolfshead range have just been put up onto the webstore. It is often difficult to find shields that are sold separately so that an entire unit can be armed and armoured in the same way, even if the miniatures come from… Continue reading Shields for Men-at-Arms

Breton Skirmishers (white metal)
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Breton Warlord and Skirmishers

We have been neglecting our historical ranges of late, so these two new sets go some way to putting that right. The Normans enlisted the help of many of their close neighbours as allies when they went on campaign. These miniatures represent some skirmishers and a warlord from Brittany. First up are the Breton skirmishers.… Continue reading Breton Warlord and Skirmishers

Bandits with bows
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Bandits and Brigands

Not all outlaws joined Robin and his Merrie Men. The majority were murderers, thieves and other ne'er-do-wells who banded together to rob and make themselves rich at others' expense; unlike Robin's cohorts who were usually the dispossessed and innocent victims of the Sheriff's grasping hands. These two sets of bandits can be used to represent… Continue reading Bandits and Brigands